How to contact me

Here are a couple of ways to contact me. The best one is probably email.

Electronic Mail

My email address is Here is my GPG key if you want to encrypt your email.

Mobile Number

My mobile is +46 73 634 59 84.


You can contact me on Signal using my phone number above.

How to meet me

If you happen to be in Stockholm then drop me a message and we’ll figure something out. I’m at the main campus of KTH almost every day.

My postal address

If you want to visit me / mail something to me: Eskadervägen 28
183 54 Täby

Maximilian Kaul & the Internet

Here is a collection of links to my profiles on other sites. Most of them don't have much (publicly visible) content because I prefer to keep as much as reasonably possible here on my server, but if you absolutely have to contact me using another platform then find the information below…

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

My current university where I'm pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science. Here is my KTH profile on their “KTH social’’ platform.


Almost all of my code is hosted here on my server but I also have a GitHub account.


Yes, I have a Facebook account but I only check it very sporadically. So just drop me an email if it is important.


And here is my Google+ profile - which I use even less often than Facebook.


I used to use Bitbucket before I started to host my projects myself. Most of the stuff is migrated here by now.


I never really used Twitter but if you absolutely have to contact me there, then be my guest ;)